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Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Devil's Tower, Wyoming - Ron Miller Marketing

About This Project

I didn’t know what to expect. I’d actually been nearby once before but chose not to take the time to visit. Then in 2014, we made the trip. We arrived just 90 minutes before sunset to a scene that was as moving as any I’ve ever experienced in nature. This rock is magnificent. It’s highly photogenic and accessible with so many foregrounds: a photographer’s playground.

I highly recommend Wyoming. It was a world-class vacation destination with vast expanses of nothing but nature. Prairie, desert, mountains and rivers, and I’m not just talking about Yellowstone. There’s a lot to see there and a lot to love.

>> After returning, the Wyoming Office of Tourism contacted me and asked to license one of my pictures. They used the photo on billboards that were posted across the country during the summer 2015.

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If you're interested in purchasing any photo you see here or on my Flickr page, please contact me.


20 November